Everyone's Invited Accessibility Consulting

Everyone's Invited, LLC
Making events and festivals accessible to people with disabilities!

Photo:  Smiling woman in a sun hat, sitting in a wheelchair in a field, just after taking down her tent at a three-day festival.


Full-Service Comprehensive Access Program

We will assess your programming, activities, services, and facilities to determine how the festival can become as accessible as possible with the resources available. Along with your producers, we will create and implement an Access Program that serves patrons with various types of disabilities.

Step-by-step it looks like this:

  1. Site visit well in advance of event.
  2. Meet with producers for event planning and access training
  3. Prepare Access Info Page for website.
  4. Respond to inquiries from patrons.
  5. Access Team and American Sign Language Team recruiting and administration.
  6. On-site pre-event and event production, staff training and Access Team supervision.
  7. Post-event report.

À la Carte Access Planning

Photo: Noah Butler, American Sign Language interpreter, interpreting for a gospel choir.

Some festivals may prefer to select from various consulting services. Consulting is customized to meet the particular needs of each client. Everyone's Invited can consult with your team to help them produce the Access Program.

Planning for accessibility includes examination of the following areas:

Learn how an event can become more accessible to the following people: