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Description of Seminars and Trainings Available

Staff training is an often neglected but essential piece of your Access Program! Let us help you. Everyone's Invited is available to provide event-accessibility training for your team. We can customize the presentations to fit the time frame you have available and the specifics of your event. Contact us to talk about your needs and how we can help. While on-site trainings are better we can also do most trainings via phone or videoconference.

"Everyone's Invited to Your Festival" - We help producers, department directors, key staff and volunteers, learn the basics of how to make your event accessible to everyone.

"Service Animal Screening" - Confused and frustrated by the service animal laws? You are not alone. Learn this system, developed by Everyone's Invited, which helps protect your patrons, staff, other animals, and your festival from pets presented as service animals.

"What Your Security Team Needs to Know about Accessibility" - The Security Team covers many key areas at your event, traffic direction, tollbooth, parking, gates, stages etc. We train your team what they need to know to accommodate people with disabilities.

"Accessibility for Vendors and Sponsors" - We help these groups understand what they need to do to be accessible to all, therefor helping your event be more compliant with the law.

"Access Awareness" - Help your team understand why it is important to pay attention to accessibility, be more informed about what it takes for people with disabilities to attend events, learn about interacting with people who have various types of disabilities.

"People-First or Identity-First Language?" - We can help you get up to date with the terminology currently being used to refer to people with disabilities. This course is for you and your team if you are still using the terms handicapped, special, normal, challenged, differently-abled, wheelchair-bound, impaired, and various other terms.

"Team-Specific Training" - During the days immediately prior to the event, sometimes even the morning of the event before the gates open, we provide on-site training for short-term staff. Traffic direction, Parking, Gates, Security, Mounted Patrol, Dispatch, Vendors, Sponsors, Info Booth, Volunteers, Access, and other teams need instructions on how to accommodate people with disabilities.

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Photo:Woman on scooter, smiling as she makes her way around a festival.

Accessibility seminars provided by Everyone's Invited include:

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